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who we are

Since 2010, We are leaders in the commercialization of panelized solutions for the construction market.

We face the challenge of building faster and more efficiently. Covering with panels,we ensure efficient solutions. We think and develop exclusives Tools and solutions for the construction using insulated systems. At Xipre, we see the future of construction: Faster, efficient and Totally modular.

our achievements
sqm of panels sold
+ 1
years converting projects into reality
+ 1
sqft spanning. Largest translucent facade in South America
+ 1

why choose us

Our purpose is to deeply understand our customers' needs and demonstrate how panel systems can enhance their projects



Since 2010, we’ve been helping create extraordinary buildings by integrating and distributing roofing and wall solutions.



Because panels are self-supporting components you will be able to optimize structures, using less elements, and the consequent savings in time.



Thermic performance for cold or warm weather. Sustainable construction. Minor temperature change

our approach

consultive sales

Our sales approach was developed by understanding the needs of our costumers and how panel systems can enhance their products.

technical support

Our focus lies on delivering top-noch technical advisory services. We specialize in providing expert architectural design services

local distribution

Our goal is to provide distribution solutions that are tailored to our customer's needs and are geographically accesible to them.

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