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Quality and Efficiency in Walk-In coolers

Superior insulation, top-notch quality for cold storage. Ready to assembly and Best price guaranteed.

10 Reasons Why Xipre Walk-In Coolers Will Keep Your Business Rocking

In the heart of the culinary storm, walk-in coolers are the silent heroes keeping your Tampa Bay restaurant fresh, efficient, and thriving. But not all coolers are created equal. Here’s why Xipre’s Optima and Matrix models rise above the rest, delivering 10 key benefits that will have your kitchen singing:

1. Modular Mastermind: Forget space constraints! Xipre coolers are modular and expand effortlessly, adapting to any layout, big or small. Grow your business, not your footprint.

2. Assembly Ace: No construction crew needed! Xipre coolers click together easily from within, minimizing downtime and maximizing your day.

3. Temperature Titan: From delicate seafood to frozen masterpieces, Xipre coolers conquer any temperature challenge with precise control from -40°C to 15°C.

4. Cleanliness Champion: Hygiene is king! Xipre’s smooth finishes and sanitary coving let you shine brighter than your stainless steel shelves.

5. LED Lighting Legend: Banish the shadowy corners! Xipre’s energy-efficient LED lighting makes finding ingredients a breeze, saving you money and frustration.

6. Customization King: Don’t settle for cookie-cutter! Xipre offers a variety of optional features like shelves, doors, and partitions to tailor your cooler to your unique needs.

7. Durability Defender: Built to last, Xipre coolers withstand the heat and pressure of the busiest kitchens, keeping your investments safe and your confidence high.

8. Sustainable Savior: Go green without sacrificing performance. Xipre’s CFC-free insulation minimizes your environmental footprint while maximizing cooling efficiency.

9. Service Superstar: Xipre doesn’t leave you in the cold. Their responsive and knowledgeable team is always there to offer support and keep your cooler running flawlessly.

10. Tampa Bay Born and Bred: Support your local heroes! Xipre is your Tampa Bay neighbor, providing fast and reliable service with the understanding that comes from knowing your community.

About Us

We specialize in providing insulated metal panels and ready-to-use solutions for cold storage, walk-in coolers and walking freezers. Our products offer great insulation, superior quality and the best price in the market. With Xipre, you can trust that your cold storage needs will be met with excellence.

Top 5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Walk-In Cooler:

1. Food Safety Fortress: Protect your customers and reputation with precise temperature control, keeping ingredients in safe zones and health inspectors happy.

2. Efficiency & Savings Champion: Buy ingredients in bulk at seasonal discounts, ditch fridge marathons, and watch your culinary budget smile.

3. Organization Sensei: Unleash your inner kitchen ninja with organized shelves and racks, say goodbye to frantic searches, and hello to smooth prep time.

4. Culinary Creativity Catalyst: Go beyond basic storage! Dry-age steaks, pre-chill dough, house frozen treats – your walk-in cooler becomes a playground for innovative dishes.

5. Future-Proof Investment: Durable, energy-efficient, and supported by reliable companies like Xipre, your new walk-in cooler cools your bottom line while fueling your long-term success.

Remember, it’s not just about the ice cream – it’s about protecting your business, boosting efficiency, and unlocking your culinary creativity. Invest in a cool future and watch your delicious dreams take flight!

Tailor-made or ready-to-deliver?

Choose the convenience of our standard measurements in inventory for quick delivery, or let our custom team assist you in tailoring your walk-in coolers or freezers to perfectly fit your project.

Florida Restaurants: Skip the Chill, Serve the Sizzle with Xipre’s Ready-to-Ship Coolers!

No more waiting – keep your kitchen blazing with Xipre’s 10’x10′ walk-in coolers & freezers, ready to ship TODAY!


  • Immediate Delivery: Start chilling, not stressing – say goodbye to empty fridges and hello to happy customers instantly.
  • Xipre Quality: Florida’s finest – durable materials, precise temperature control, and energy-efficient designs.
  • Local Support: Our team’s always here, ensuring your walk-in hums like a perfectly prepped soufflé.

Don’t let your culinary dreams get put on ice. Contact Xipre and fire up your restaurant with a ready-to-ship walk-in cooler or freezer today!

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